About me

Hi, I'm Matthew King, a software engineer from Perth, Western Australia

I build all sorts of software. I'm passionate about C# and .NET, and like to work with cutting-edge technology. I prefer working with agile startup teams and small/medium business, but code I've written is being used by a few Fortune 500 companies. I've recently been working on (award winning) vehicle safety systems and mining/exploration data capture software. I even have a patent.

I sometimes blog about software development, and I have a few open source projects that you might find interesting. The highlight of my career thus far is having the accepted answer to a question on Stack Overflow that was posed by the legendary Jon Skeet himself!

My open source projects have over 2,940,000 downloads on NuGet!

Here are some relevant links:

I'm currently exploring contract-based development and/or consulting opportunities. If you're interested, please get in touch!

Oh, and if you enjoy my open source stuff, and want to show your appreciation, you can shout me a beverage on Ko-fi or Stripe. Cheers!