Miscellaneous tools
  • Elo ratings for the current AFL season, based on my bespoke algorithm using custom k-values and seeded with the last few seasons of data at custom weightings. This is a predictor of real team strength, and may be a more accurate representation than their ladder position.

  • A calculator that helps compare salaried positions to (contractor / self-employed) hourly rate billing. Based on Australian working conditions, considering things like leave entitlements, superannuation, etc.

  • A simple tool that converts package references from the old "packages.config" style to the new "PackageReference" style.

  • A simple tool that cleans up C# project files (*.csproj) by sorting files and references alphabetically, removing unused elements, etc. This was a lot more useful back before the new SDK-style projects existed. It's probably not necessary in this day and age, but I've kept the tool around because some people are still using it regularly.

  • A solution generator for a word game that I sometimes play with my wife on road trips. Western Australian vehicle licence plates commonly have 3 letters in them. We try to find the most interesting word that contains the 3 letters in the order specified in the licence plate. The letters don't have to be adjacent, but they must be in the specified order. This tool is designed to show us all the solutions for a given letter combination.